Amendment 4 panel

Black History Month symposium stirs conversations on the justice system

February 10, 2020

The fifth annual New Schools of Black Thought symposium was hosted in Sudakoff on Saturday, February 8.

Message from the President

New College deserves to stand apart

February 14, 2020

While the Legislature has every right to consider a differently configured State University System, I know the system is stronger with an independent New College. One of the extraordinary strengths of the 12-member state system is the diversity of its institutions.

New College Professor Uzi Baram oversees a Bradenton dig site that unearthed artifacts his students will study next year.

Professor's excavation produces opportunities for students

February 10, 2020

Professor Uzi Baram’s month-long excavations in the heart of east Bradenton has produced a trove of opportunities for New College students.

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