NCSA election results

Congratulations to every student who participated in the New College Student Alliance (NCSA) elections last week!

The results are below:

President: Sofia Lombardi (taking over Steven Keshishian’s role)

Student Court justices: Jan Burgos-Greer and John Cotter

Third Year SAC: Jacob Brody-Ogborn

Second Year SAC: Jack Sobel

Fourth Year SAC and Fitness Center Rep: Agnes Bartha

Food Service Rep: Dominic Grijalva

CWC Rep: Alexandra Conte

Landscape Rep: Luis Chavez-Sanchez

Green Affairs Rep: Daniel Duprez

Nat Sci Rep: Anna Wright

Social Science Rep: Carlos Gonzalez

Humanities Rep: Jo Nguyen

Environmental Rep: Ky Miller

Library Rep: Adam Johnson

SLAC Reps: Elan Sandler and Veronica Lee

Epc: AnnaLynn Winfrey, Angelica Velosa and Rory Renzy

SASC Reps: Annabelle Ambrogi and Isaac Mingus