Portion of Heiser parking lot to be closed Sept. 19

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, part of the parking lot closest to the North wing of the Heiser Natural Sciences Building and College Drive will be closed for crane operations. The work should be complete and the closed area should be reopen by mid-afternoon if the work proceeds as planned and is not disrupted by adverse weather.

The flat roofing in the equipment services area must be replaced as part of the air conditioning and laboratory ventilation upgrades within the North wing of the building,

For safety sake, it is recommended that all unnecessary people avoid construction areas.

When the east wing of Heiser was being built net additional parking was provided along Bay Shore Road. This is still available for any overspill parking needed during the temporary shutdown

Access to ADA spaces closest to the entrance to the building will remain accessible via the other rows of parking

Please email John Milton with any issues.