Send a colleague a High Five

Send a colleague a High Five as part of the M.O.R.E. – Moments of Recognition Everyday – project. it’s the easiest way for a peer to highlight another peer. This does not need to come from management — Anyone can make a nomination.

This is an opportunity to highlight someone doing a M.O.R.E. moment. When employees can recognize each other publicly for their good deeds — for instance, assisting with an important project or producing work of exceptional quality — those positive feelings resonate throughout the company.

Last week, the following staff were nominated for a High Five:

Winn Wasson – Assistant Librarian, Social Sciences
Rob Audet – Landscaping Coordinator, Physical Plant
Luchi Hernandez – Assistant Director of Human Resources
Darcy Wilson – Coordinator of Human Resources
Shelia Foley – Custodial Coordinator, Physical Plant
Adam McKibbin – Maintenance Mechanic, Physical Plant