Use tobacco only in designated areas

The Breathe Easy New College campaign, launched last year by the Tobacco-Free Task Force and the Florida Department of Health, reminds everyone that the college has designated certain areas on campus for tobacco use. All other areas on campus are tobacco-free, including vapes, juuls, e-cigarettes, and other “smokeless” tobacco products. The goal for New College is to make the campus completely tobacco free by 2020.

Long-term, the campaign reduces the direct health impacts of first- and second-hand tobacco use. In the short-term it makes the campus safer for those who have adverse reactions to smoke or who simply choose not to inhale tobacco products.

If you would like to cut back on your tobacco use or quit entirely, I encourage you to visit ( or call 1-877-U-Can-Now. You can also make an appointment with Health Education Coordinator Robyn Manning-Samuels for skills and support around quitting.

For more information about designated smoking areas, Breathe Easy New College, or tobacco facts and resources, check out New College’s Breathe Easy guidelines.