Volunteers needed for plant restoration area work

The Native Plant Restoration Area along Dort Promenade needs cyclical removal of invasive plants which can displace native plants and decrease biodiversity. On Tuesday, Feb. 26, from 4:30-6:30 p.m., volunteers will remove invasive plants and most likely start preparing the site for a prescribed burn.

It’s an opportunity to learn about this campus feature, practice plant ID, and get to know other community members. This event is open to alums, staff, faculty, locals and students. Members of the Serenoa Native Plant Society have been invited.

A “non-native” organism is not indigenous to the biological community under consideration. “Invasive” is a step beyond non-native in that they are characterized by fast growth and displace native plants, sometimes forming monocultures. Their aggressive growth can be largely attributed to the absence of herbivores, parasites, pathogens, etc that would balance them in thier [respective] native habitats.

Please wear pants because of Smilax and other thorny plants, close-toed shoes because of sand spurs, sun protection and water.

  • Folks are welcome to come through for any length of time!\
  • No planty [botany] experience required. We will orient you with the target plant(s) and give you reference plants to triple-check that we only pull invasives.
  • People can choose their own task(s). We will be removing rosary pea, carrotwood, invasive grasses, fire ladders [vines] and other tasks.
  • Bonus: Volunteers can watch the sun set at 6:30!

A quick read on common invasive plants in Sarasota County can be found here. Check out the photos of carrotwood and rosary pea vine, two of the plants we are removing.

For questions, comments, RSVPs, etc., Email emilyanne.king15@ncf.edu.