Introducing the New College cookbook

Recipes from the Center of the Universe

As a parting gift for graduating Novo Collegians, the Student Success Center team gathered submissions for a collective cookbook: Recipes from the Center of the Universe 2019-2020. It includes 42 recipes from students, faculty and staff, including Anthropology Professor Uzi Baram’s hummus, Librarian Helene Gold’s holiday rum balls and Dean Randy Harrell’s sausage dip.

“I just wanted to put something together for graduating students as a kind of parting gift since we aren’t able to celebrate in person just yet,” said Kaylie Stokes, the assistant director of Student Success Programs. “I thought a recipe book would be fitting since I could share it digitally, involve the whole campus community in putting it together, and they can take it with them and hopefully use it as they start this new chapter.”

The cookbook’s opening message is addressed to the New College Grads of 2020. It reads:

We’re deeply sorry that your final semester was probably not how you imagined it would go. While it’s heartbreaking that we are unable to celebrate you all together this week (the way that you deserve), I hope you find surprising, special and personalized ways to celebrate with those you care about. It’s important to celebrate this achievement, even amidst the chaos and uncertainty. Especially amidst the chaos and uncertainty.

Since many celebrations revolve around food, we thought it would be fun to collect recipes from the faculty and staff who you’ve shared campus with these past four years. We’ve turned them into a recipe book that you can take with you as you start your next chapter. Some of you may have even tried some of these before at an end-of-the-semester feast for a course.

We hope you find a few new favorites among these pages and share some of the deliciousness with friends old and new.

Congratulations. Well done. We are all so proud of you.

All Our Best,

The Student Success Center

P.S. The natural state of the human spirit is ecstatic wonder! We should not settle for less.

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