Preparing for reopening this fall

Dr. Donal O'Shea
President Donal O’Shea

There have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our campus community.

The State University System of Florida (SUS) Board of Governors (BOG) recently released a statement regarding the fall reopening of the SUS, and will present its guidelines for opening campuses at a public meeting on May 28.

New College, along with each of the other state universities, will present its campus plan at a BOG meeting on June 23.

We have been planning intensively and participating in the BOG deliberations. Many variables are in play, and the opening dates of the SUS institutions will depend on the health situation in Florida. We anticipate that exact dates will be available in early July.

At New College, we plan to offer testing for all students and employees, with the goal of opening for on-campus instruction in the fall. We are working to ensure that students who are unable to, or do not wish to, return to campus will also be able to take classes remotely.

Our primary aim will be to have a campus that is as safe as possible for students, faculty, staff and the community. This will require the active engagement of everyone who comes onto campus.

We expect that everyone will engage in safe practices and look out for one another. In particular, those on campus will need to wear masks in class and at other gatherings, while also maintaining social distancing. Residence halls will reopen but with fewer students living in them.

Over the next few months, we aim to bring back staff, faculty and students on a staggered timeline. All of these plans are contingent on the absence of a fresh outbreak of the virus in our region and state.

Please continue to remain vigilant about social distancing and frequent handwashing as we move into the summer months.


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